Director of Photography / Director / Producer / Editor
Women of Slender Means Poster FINAL - 10 20 2021.jpg

Director of Photography / Co-Producer / Editor


'Women of Slender Means'


Documentary centered on the downtown Brooklyn, N.Y. YWCA's rich history and current residents.


Directed by Allison Prete


48 minute documentary 

Now in Post Production - Festival Premiere Fall 2021


Contact me for more information.

Director of Photography on Eric Hughes' 3rd feature film and editor for the trailer, 2019.

Several major awards at film festivals around the world.

Streaming and Blu-ray available now.

'EXIT 0'


Director of Photography on this independent feature length film shot in January 2018 in Cape May, N.J.

Gabe Fazio, Peter Greene, Federico Castellucci and Augie Duke star. An E.B. Hughes Film.